My topic and me

This blog was created from a very selfish reason – I want to stay close to the whole magical world of the artisan jewelry. In Europe, weather you enter a modern gallery or you meet a goldsmith while visiting a local market, it gives you this unique experience of being connected to their art. The jewelry is breathtaking and the fact that the piece you are buying is the only copy ever made, makes you even more excited. I do miss this experience…

I wish to share with you some of the knowledge about the artists and the techniques they use. Most of the younger generation experiments with various materials and techniques which makes their work really interesting. Some of the artists are still not well known and I hope that my blog can make their work more recognizable. I will not limit myself to strictly East European art, I know that here in Canada there is also many artists that I would love to meet and introduce to you.

Why “artiziana”? It brings you to mind the artisans who work hard to deliver hand crafted jewelry that we use to make statement about ourselves as we wear it.



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